Phew. Oh, my beloved America. Oh … so scary. So sad. Land of the brave ? Not this. Not this.

I love you, America. Your warm friendly people. Your constitution. Your principles.

I do not love our gun culture.

Sunset on the Rocky Mountains

Weep, weep.

Read more here and many other news sites today:

4 thoughts on “Judge blocks 3-D guns for now … phew And sunset on the Rocky Mountains

  1. I love the pictures.

    As for the injunction, it seems to be almost a lost cause. The plans were downloaded over a million times and likely thrive on the dark web. To think of guns that that are untraceable and easily destroyable is disturbing. Plus, when you read about how some of these guns explode when used due to either faulty plans or construction, this “3-D printing” seems like an incredibly bad idea. Incredibly bad.

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