Cloudy Day Nature Walk Photos–Early Autumn


Just some nature photos from a woodland walk today. So good to walk in the forest! Look up, look down. Beauty. Even on cloudy days? Yes, even then. Look closely.

And watch out for those squirrel and chipmunk holes… just the right size to trip me when walking.  So I am looking DOWN as well as up for sure!

Not a gorgeous day, but a certain peacefulness in the quiet of coolness.

Thanks for reading.

Nature pictures

So needed a nature walk today!    Couldn’t wait to post these pictures, so I created this blog from my phone.  I am learning.  Enjoy, and thanks for reading and viewing.

Laura Lee


Prairie Walk and Illinois Prairie Wildflowers

This photo I took in the prairie today:  (See also:


rosinweed native illinois prairie wildflowers
Rosinweed, Illinois prairie wildflower

Photos by Dr. John Hilty, Illinois Wildflowers, Illinois Wildflowers


And these from the University of Illinois: Illinois Wildflowers from the University of Illinois