Why Strangers Wept (parked here to edit and revise) (learning to use Iphone app)

img_1235-1And from the Iphone app no less!

Why Strangers Wept

Did darkness heal or was it
holding hands at noon
with a small boy who
needed a nap?

Was it the sun
or the silence of the moon
that lifted it all, just a bit.

Maybe it was someone
who remembers
the smaller child and knew
why strangers wept.

On the street, a young girl
skipped then ran then walked
while humming, purple ribbon
escaping black hair.

Belied/rough draft


Parking here to edit and revise


The woods, late spring
pond at sunsets
bat-skimmed surface
white tail pulled down
new leaves. The hawk flew low
as well.


Over the walking path
my shadow squat and low

No wings
no hooves, no wild thing.

Even the blue jay flew low
that night, while grasshoppers
jumped quickly across the path
my short shadowed sadness and dread
belied the flood of gold.