Coffin Bell Journal, a mini-review

Another interesting site.  This is not my genre, dark literature, but I realize many of my writings contain very dark elements–just not supernatural.  With some editing, they could fit the genre.  In any case, here is a journal that has an interesting premise.  From scary housetheir website:  Coffin Bell

Coffin Bell is a new quarterly online journal of dark literature seeking poetry, flash fiction, short stories, and creative nonfiction exploring dark themes. When we say “dark themes,” we don’t necessarily mean traditional horror. Send us your waking nightmares, dark CNF, dystopian flash, cursed verse. Surprise us. Make us think in a new way. Give us a new fear. Make our skin crawl.

If you write flash fiction or dark verse, read here  and consider submitting.  The site is attractive, the care given to writers evident in their bios.  What an interesting group of writers published there already, from lawyers to ghost writers.

Yesterday I changed the speaker of a poem from human to animal, something I’ve not done before.  Have you considered writing outside of your genre?  If so, what was your experience?

Thanks for reading!

Palette Poetry, a good poetry site (mini review)

palette      Poets, another good site for reading poetry and for celebrating poetry is Palette Poetry.    Palette states its mission is:

…to uplift and engage emerging and established poets in our larger community.

The world is eager for poets. In 2016, more people spent their hard earned money on poetry books than any other year on record. When times are dark, the world always turns to poets for empathy, for answers, for words, bucking and new.

Palette Poetry is here to paint our small part of the world with truth through poetry, as hopeful and eviscerating as truth can be.

Palette sponsors contests, publishes poetry, promotes fun with and improvement of poetry.   I love Palette’s lack of pretension, as shown by these words:

Our goal is to simply find and publish the best poetry we can, no matter its roots in craft.

If you love to read and or write poetry, this would be a great site to visit.  If you hope to be published there, the editors note that they publish only the best poetry, so be sure to submit only your best.

Their site is inviting and exciting.  Why not visit Palette Poetry?

Foundry (Literary Journal), a mini-review

journal  As promised, I’ll keep posting links to sites I find interesting, important, or both.

A dear friend introduced me to Foundry Journal online, and I was impressed with the superb poems and beautiful presentation of the site.  I read the poetry of love, nature, politics, and more.  I saw carefully selected images that enhance the site.  If you love poetry, why not go there?

It’s obvious Foundry loves poetry and has found fine poets to publish.

From their site:



Poems are manufactured objects — the intangible cast into forms. ​Foundry showcases poems crafted by writers at all stages of their practice. We are interested in poems as made things, and we are interested in their making. 

Poems published in Foundry have been awarded a Pushcart Prize, selected for Bettering American Poetry, and featured on Verse Daily.

Submitted three poems today (hate to let them go–what’s wrong with me?)

coffee-smartphone-desk-pen    So we write to be published, right?  Erm… sometimes.  I submitted three poems today to a journal a dear friend recommended, and it hurt to let them go.  What’s wrong with me?

I have heard you need to kill your darlings or something similar, meaning don’t hold on to the art… share it.  I have to believe I will write more, I will write poems as good or better.

Yet I’m not sure I believe that, and I remember why I wrote each poem.

So I sent three poems I believe are good as poems, but that didn’t punch me to let go.

I’ve never felt this way about fiction or nonfiction; perhaps it’s the compressed nature of poetry that packs this type of punch?

We shall see; I read many poems in this journal, and they are good! I would be lucky to be included.

Do you ever feel “too close” to something you have written or created?

Two poetry submissions this week

poetry     Two poems submitted this week.  That’s two more than last week, so we are in the positive direction.  More to follow.  Two rejections or two acceptances or… two no answers.

I enjoyed writing these poems, one a political poem and one simply bizarre–but inspired by a rather unique painting.  Art can inspire art!

Have you had any luck lately publishing?

Writers: writing, politics, art… Tuck Magazine mini review

journal      As promised, I will continue to post links to sites I find are good for teachers, writers, poets, and more.

Tuck Magazine
–an online political, human rights and arts magazine, because social justice and the arts are important.

From their site:

“Tuck Magazine is a political, human rights, lit, music and arts journal with a difference: we aim to entertain a wide variety of readers globally.”

Now don’t you want to go there and read?  I feel it’s important to have creativity walk with compassion, which is the “slogan” of this site, after all.  I like what they are publishing.

If you have some sites you consider worth reading and investigating, let me know!

Laura Lee