poetry-clipart-poetry_clipart  Okay, Laura, where are the poems?

Oh, yes. Not here.  While I mostly write poetry, I don’t share it much since I am trying to publish poetry.

I write a mostly non popular genre of poetry, dramatic monologues and narrative poetry.  It’s the story teller in me!  I do branch out to nature poetry as well.

I’ll be posting some, however, that has been soundly REJECTED by the very best sites–some so in need of work that it won’t read the same once I am done with the revisions~!

I will also post links to some of my favorite sites.  Right now, I don’t think any site publishes better modern poetry than Rattle.

And I’ve been rejected there for years, as have many of my poet friends and colleagues.  Rattle is also a great site for beginners as well as major prize winners.  They publish at least eight books a year, which is amazing, they pay their poets, and have numerous ways to be included in their site, which is outstanding.  Their Facebook website Rattle Facebook page provides opportunities to not only read great poetry, but to try out publishing.

More to follow~!