The SKEETER struggle is real… mosquito  Long sleeves, May evening… four bites… TWO fans blowing to keep them away, neighbor’s smoke from BBQ so heavy I could barely breathe…the Skeeters win the award for tenacity.  THEY LOVE ME!  I’ve tried everything and the only thing that works is a pair of BOOTS, long sleeves, spray, and usually…staying inside.  Okay. Bigger problems in the world, I know this is trivial.  But I’ve been tracking them, and I now know I have January, February, March, April, SOME of May, none of June, none of July, none of August, a bit of September and October, November, December… to be skeeter free.  They got UNDER the long sleeves and long pants–they truly love me.

What is it about me they love so much?