Rough Draft from a few years ago.. dozen dull.  I really react to the lack of sunshine! Perhaps if we had lovely weather all the time I’d grow complacent to the beauty.





Anyway, here we go, and thanks for reading.

November gray came
early into late September
baby baboon sounds  (what??? I need to reconsider this wording!)
from the old sycamore
small wolverine shaped scamperers

crashing down
the squirrel twitched, looked
left, right
while the red tabby cat
lay sick in the bushes,
its one good eye on
the swollen blue berries.


look up–study the gray
it lasts
into November, December, January
when sun on green does not

before then the changing colors
briefly blaze, lull, trick

as if other than gray could remain
during those dozen dull weeks.