Nature pictures

So needed a nature walk today!    Couldn’t wait to post these pictures, so I created this blog from my phone.  I am learning.  Enjoy, and thanks for reading and viewing.

Laura Lee


All praise for conifers

I often walk on a nature path with many conifers; all praise for conifers! In winter when the gray and gloom just persists seemingly forever?  Green.

Just a few amateur photos of conifers and some other images of nature on this beautiful late Spring day.

What trees or nature images do you enjoy?


In Praise of Trees–just phone photos while walking

Just phone photos while walking…

Love trees. Hidden back there? A goose on a dam. The goose is there every time I walk this path. Nest?

I won’t be walking this path until autumn again since the skeeters now own it. (Water there.). So I walk this path September- first skeeter bite.

I went without trees in my life for too long. Never again, if I can help it.  I was surrounded by trains, concrete, and sidewalks without trees for way too long! It’s good to see a resurgence of love for trees.



Is this what I had been missing?

So much beauty. Know how you sometimes remember where you were when you see a photo? I remember what I was thinking when I took this photo. I thought, is THIS what I’ve been missing for so long? As a child I was a veteran sky watcher/sunsets/sunrises/clouds already, then I lost it as I became a work, work, work type of person. Is this what I’ve been missing? Just some phone photos.



Who hurts self WALKING? Erm…

sad              Well she told me not to and I did it anyway… time to listen to the physical therapist! I will get back to this and improve.  But she TOLD me not to do a timed walk where I would feel pressured to keep up with those could can go longer and faster.  Did I listen? Nope!  Ice and regrets today, but shall persevere. 

Sorry for not listening, Dr. A!  Or… for at least not being able to say–I need to stop.

Walking in the Woods with FAST Walkers

trees large greenWhen I joined a walking in the woods group, I was pretty sure there would be both walking and the forest/ woods.  What I did not count on was the ferocious walking these ladies do!  I had to stop twice and then met them in the coffee shop where we stop after they walk–I’m already there.  Great encouragement for me to walk more!  I do enjoy exploring the woods, trees, plants by myself, but I don’t actually exercise much that way.  This way? I am HUSTLING to keep up.  There is room for tree-shopping and fast walking.  I am not quite a fast walker nor a long walker yet!  Let’s see what the loop walking does to me tomorrow! 

Nature Walks

I cannot imagine living away from trees, the woods, nature.  A few years ago, our area’s ash trees suffered from Emerald Ash Bore, and most of the ash trees had to be removed.  I hadn’t realized how much each tree added to the absolute joy of my natural world–until they had to be removed.  I dearly enjoy the privilege of being able to walk in nature in all seasons, and don’t take any trees for granted!