Cloudy Day Nature Walk Photos–Early Autumn


Just some nature photos from a woodland walk today. So good to walk in the forest! Look up, look down. Beauty. Even on cloudy days? Yes, even then. Look closely.

And watch out for those squirrel and chipmunk holes… just the right size to trip me when walking.  So I am looking DOWN as well as up for sure!

Not a gorgeous day, but a certain peacefulness in the quiet of coolness.

Thanks for reading.

Who hurts self WALKING? Erm…

sad              Well she told me not to and I did it anyway… time to listen to the physical therapist! I will get back to this and improve.  But she TOLD me not to do a timed walk where I would feel pressured to keep up with those could can go longer and faster.  Did I listen? Nope!  Ice and regrets today, but shall persevere. 

Sorry for not listening, Dr. A!  Or… for at least not being able to say–I need to stop.

Nature Walks

I cannot imagine living away from trees, the woods, nature.  A few years ago, our area’s ash trees suffered from Emerald Ash Bore, and most of the ash trees had to be removed.  I hadn’t realized how much each tree added to the absolute joy of my natural world–until they had to be removed.  I dearly enjoy the privilege of being able to walk in nature in all seasons, and don’t take any trees for granted!