smilies-funny-emoticon-faces-160760   Some interesting or fun Facebook pages

Some of these are closed groups; if you join, tell them Laura Lee sent you.

Wait, maybe not.

In no particular order:

Silent Book Club
–an active group of book lovers, vibrant civil discussions.

Cloud Enthusiasts
–because clouds are interesting

Cloud appreciation society

–more clouds! And it sounds cool to say you are a memember of the Cloud Appreciation Society.  Doesn’t it?

–because trees are important

Teachers for Social Justice
–because children and justice are important

Tuck Magazine
–an online political, human rights and arts magazine, because social justice and the arts are important.

Alt National Park Service
–because we love our national parks and care about the environment–plus we admire the pluckiness and courage of the founders of this site!

The Other 98%
–because it’s important to know

The Art Institute of Chicago
–it’s the AIC!

Chicago Symphony Orchestra
–it’s the CSO!

Chicago Shakespeare Theater
–Shakespeare & theater!

Kontras Quartet
–great musicians including the talented cousin Benjamin

Such interesting music that transcends genres!  One of sister’s husband’s groups. A warm and wild look into Jewish music over generations plus jazz…plus…. I don’t know how to describe it!

Estats Tonne Music
A modern troubador like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard… amazing history… listen. You won’t be sorry.  Love the incense on the guitar. AMAZING acoustic guitar player.

caFe’ hopeLess
–a closed group for creative writers, some I’ve known since 1999!  Refugees from the old MSN writing groups.