Poem in response to a photo prompt from long ago



This photo was the prompt.  And this is one of the many versions of the poem I wrote, most lost.  I found this on an old document from 1999.   Oh my, so many of those abstract concepts.  But fun to find.  Hmm… maybe another rewrite is in order.

I wonder what the news was of the day that convinced me the cold ones rule? I know it’s sure something I still fee.

The Stranger

Oh, so cold
the stranger is everywhere
the soul? sniveling little pest
we’ve sent away.

Trust us, you can
not trust us
Can’t read us, can you?

Modernity’s muse:
mirthless smiles
We see through you
but we are divine;
you cannot
comprehend us.

The stranger is everywhere,
existential nausea chokes.

It’s just that simpering little pest,
that whiner, that soul.

(c) L. Lee 2000

In Praise of Trees–just phone photos while walking

Just phone photos while walking…

Love trees. Hidden back there? A goose on a dam. The goose is there every time I walk this path. Nest?

I won’t be walking this path until autumn again since the skeeters now own it. (Water there.). So I walk this path September- first skeeter bite.

I went without trees in my life for too long. Never again, if I can help it.  I was surrounded by trains, concrete, and sidewalks without trees for way too long! It’s good to see a resurgence of love for trees.



Delaware Charter Teachers Vote to Unionize

From the article:

Laslinkst night, Charter School of Wilmington teachers made a huge vote. They became the only current charter school in Delaware to join the Delaware State Education Association. As such, they will be a part of the National Education Association as well. This opens the door for other charter schools to unionize in the future. Often, when one domino falls…

For more information, go here: Delaware Charter Teachers Vote to Unionize