Attention Cloud Lovers! A fun site…



The Cloud Appreciation Society on Facebook is full of gorgeous pictures of… CLOUDS.  Yes, dramatic colorful cloud pictures.  The actual society’s web page is here: Cloud Appreciation Society .

A few years ago, I told my sophomore English class that I was a member of the International Cloud Appreciation Society, and most students were mildly amused, but some students were on the floor laughing.

But one sweet girl bought me a cloud coffee mug when she found out I was retiring.  Precious to me!

This photo is from :

and is from the Netherlands.




Welcome, Summer!

177672-Welcome-To-Summer   For those of you who like summer, enjoy!  Me? I get sick in heat and humidity and the skeeters LOVE ME… no matter what I do, I spend the summer bitten by mosquitoes.

But I very much enjoy the sunshine and interesting shadows.  Oh, and the summer clouds.  So interesting…and seeing bats drop out of trees and fly away, and seeing lightning bugs flash, flash, flash…and hearing birds.

I guess I love much about summer after all.

What’s your favorite season and why? Or what’s your favorite part of each season?

Winter: crisp stark beauties of snow, crisp clean air.  (But oh! The darkness really affects my mood.)

Spring: the returning light. The birds, the trees, the flowers.  The return of those great spring sounds.

Summer: sunshine and color.

Autumn: the colors of fall–those lovely gold and red leaves in sunshine.

Laura Lee

Word of the Day–Another good learning site

dictionary    As promised, I’ll keep sharing fun, interesting, and educational sites.  As a word lover, I do like this one, Webster Word of the Day.

Webster Word of the Day site is a fun and informational site.  In addition to having a new “word of the day” delivered to your email inbox, you can also  play

Typeshift / Anagram puzzles meet word search. A new, more difficult puzzle every day of the week.

In addition, you can sign up for these sites:Sign up for Britannica’s On This Day (daily) or Inside Britannica (monthly) newsletter for facts about history, science, and the arts!

Not only can you have fun with and learn new words, you can learn more about history, science, and art.