177672-Welcome-To-Summer   For those of you who like summer, enjoy!  Me? I get sick in heat and humidity and the skeeters LOVE ME… no matter what I do, I spend the summer bitten by mosquitoes.

But I very much enjoy the sunshine and interesting shadows.  Oh, and the summer clouds.  So interesting…and seeing bats drop out of trees and fly away, and seeing lightning bugs flash, flash, flash…and hearing birds.

I guess I love much about summer after all.

What’s your favorite season and why? Or what’s your favorite part of each season?

Winter: crisp stark beauties of snow, crisp clean air.  (But oh! The darkness really affects my mood.)

Spring: the returning light. The birds, the trees, the flowers.  The return of those great spring sounds.

Summer: sunshine and color.

Autumn: the colors of fall–those lovely gold and red leaves in sunshine.

Laura Lee

2 thoughts on “Welcome, Summer!

  1. I love autumn colors and smells. I like to visit Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin, and watch hundreds of thousands of Canada geese migrate through there – or sometimes stop in the area for refueling before continuing their flight. I feel the most inspired in autumn. Sometimes I think this is due to an instinctive energy, a frenzy before winter inactivity and deprivation.

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