Some of my poems, short stories, and nonfiction articles are included in books and magazines published in the UK, Greece, New Zealand, and the United States.

*”Moving Gravel” a short story at Crack the Spine – Themed Anthology Submissions – –“Routine”, print edition coming soon

*”Walk With Child” at  to be published in their September 2018 Issue, “Here and Gone”

*Coffin Bell Journal,2018, “Herstory,” a poem, to be published October 1, 2018

*Spillwords Press, 2018, a poem, “Stopped” by Laura Lee at Spillwords Press

*Tuck Magazine, June 2018, a poem at Tuck Magazine

*Tuck Magazine,  May 2018, a poem at Tuck Magazine

* Southernmost Point Guest House (UK), Poetry

* Journal of Modern Poetry 21 (Volume 21), “Hello No,” a poem at JOMP Volume 21 Dear Mr. President

* Journal of Modern Poetry 20 (Volume 20), poetry in JOMP Volume 20 Poetry Writer’s Guide to the Galaxy

* Journal of Modern Poetry 17 (Volume 17), poetry in JOMP Volume 17

* Magazine (New Zealand) , Raewyn Alexander, Publisher, poetry.
Raewyn Alexander NZ

* Fiction in:, Between the Sunlight and the Skipping” in English Wednesdays

*Poetry in: Archives

* Illinois English Bulletin, a publication of the National Council of Teachers of English, nonfiction article about teaching in an alternative education program.

* Poetry in Marginalia, Elmhurst, IL