cropped-be-creative-creative-creativity-256514      Getting to there from here? How does one change careers while still paying the bills?  This was a true dilemma for me, for there was no trust fund, no rainy day forgotten account, no family to turn to once I quit my job in business.

This is a nice problem to have, and I know that.  It reeks of privilege, and I know that.  Yet I was a healthy adult with so much energy, and I knew I wanted a different type of life than working in an office.  I did not turn to drink, but I turned to sadness.  I turned to tension. Those are not healthy.

Since I loved to read and write, I turned to the public library and was amazed to find the library had become a hub of activity.  The library was not a quiet place as I remembered it, but a place of reading groups, tutoring, computer training, and so much more–in addition to having quiet places for reading and studying.

I wonder if librarians know they have helped to improve the lives of many?  For that is what I saw daily as people looked for jobs, learned a new skill, found positive activities for themselves and their family.

I found the world of book discussion groups, and never looked back. Like-minded reading lovers–what a joy!

And more–the library was looking for literacy tutors and I wanted to become a teacher.  Would I dare to take that risk, even while I was so very sad in my everyday world?  It almost seemed too difficult to risk change and then have the change not work out.

Would I take the risk and make changes?

More to follow.


4 thoughts on “Part 3–Literacy can be the Bridge: in Praise of Public Libraries

  1. I’m sitting in a library right now researching grants for CAS. I don’t know if librarians realize the difference they make to individuals and organizations alike. Who knows if the student in the study carrel next to me is an aspiring medical student who will find a cure for cancer?

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      1. Oh and the library has been home to nesting peregrine falcons since 2004. There is a falcon cam for the nest. I heard the pair calling and looked out from the Quiet Study area to see them land on a nearby building. Libraries: more than books and other media.

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