4 thoughts on “Important Educator Blog–Ciedie Aech

  1. I know that my writing is not for everyone, but however it is received, it was written directly from the heart. TOO many teachers, as you’ve noted, have not been cherished and honored but instead devastatingly driven out of their classrooms and out of their districts.. The nation has only begun to pay a terrible, terrible price.

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    1. Ciedie—do not malign your writing. Your writing is sharp, smart, and full of the wit and energy people need. Too many educators have NOT been cherished, but pushed out, retired early, etc. I am a retired early and broken hearted about it one.

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  2. Thank you for your writing. I have your book now, and shall spend the day reading it. I am a part time college instructor now, and love it, off for the summer to pursue reading and writing. Oh–I was also one of those specialists, but I was one of the good ones working directly with teachers and kids and teaching as well. I love teaching!


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