Maybe that number is a charm.

I do remember the number 2,500, though. That was the number of contacts it took to find a full time teacher job.

Wait. No… that was when I stopped counting.

Did I get a full time teaching job? Yes I did. Took five years of hard work, and many jobs in the meantime.  I learned something from each job.  The year I had five part-time jobs was exhausting–but I loved each job.  I’m too old for that now, I think.  My head would spin when I checked my calendar.

And this is just a photo I really like.  Yay to beautiful clouds!

Best wishes to all.  11063591_1129659353714480_4688048317150249088_n

2 thoughts on “Fifteenth poem submitted

  1. 2,500! That is perseverance! I’m impressed with your submissions. Are these fifteen different poems or have you found places accepting simultaneous submissions? Maybe you wrote about this already and I missed it.

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    1. These are mostly different poems or different version of a poem with different titles. Many places using Submittable now accept simultaneous submissions, as they should. The just ask for notice if a piece is accepted elsewhere. It’s pretty hilarious, actually, since many poetry places don’t pay, ask for money to submit, and then want sole rights to your work. I don’t submit to those–I at least want my rights back to me if published in a non paying place.

      And I understand poetry is a work of love; no one is making money on poetry. So give us back our rights, then. All I submitted to do that–rights return to the writer after publication.


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