auditorium benches chairs class    I love writing narrative poems as I am a storyteller; this is a gift I received from both of my parents, who told stories all the time, even in reply to simple questions.  How was your day, I might ask.  And… a story would ensue, sometimes farcical, sometimes tragic, but always–dramatic, need I say, interesting?  My husband says I come from a long line of exaggerators, but I prefer to think I share my parents’ enthusiasm for storytelling.

One of my narrative poems, “The Professor and the Gravel,” was published today here, at Wingless Dreamer: Wingless Dreamer/ Laura Lee. In this poem, I hope to capture the longing for a better life, a life the narrator of the poem simply cannot see through all the dust and “gravel” of her life.

As to the site, Wingless Dreamer is a pleasant site, created with caring and a love of writing and writers.  The founder of the site, Ruchi Acharya, states that she wanted to create:

“…a global platform for emerging writers to gain recognition and showcase their feelings and passion for literature through their creativity.”

Furthermore, Ms. Acharya goes on to state her site is growing and thriving:

” Now, we have 10,000 active visitors and more than 50 international contributors and the community is still growing.”

Writers: if you get a chance, I would check out this site.  In a world wide web often dominated by snide disdain, it’s refreshing to see whole-hearted enthusiasm for the art of writing.

Thanks for reading–and keep on writing.

Laura Lee