Prairie Walk and Illinois Prairie Wildflowers

This photo I took in the prairie today:  (See also:


rosinweed native illinois prairie wildflowers
Rosinweed, Illinois prairie wildflower

Photos by Dr. John Hilty, Illinois Wildflowers, Illinois Wildflowers


And these from the University of Illinois: Illinois Wildflowers from the University of Illinois




The War on Immigrants, Re-blogged with permission of the author

Re-blogged with permission of the author, L.J. Bailey.

Laura Jean Bailey

Red-pin-on-a-US-map “Put a pin in it.” Image used by Creative Commons license.

“‘Families Belong Together’ is the wrong slogan,” says Masha Gessen, staff writer for The New Yorker magazine. The latest round of immigration protests came about in response to a very specific policy and very specific images: children screaming and crying as they were ripped away from their parents at the border. First-time protestors, conservative protestors, Republican protestors all took up signs with long-time protestors, liberal protestors, Democratic protestors. I saw a greater than expected range of political diversity in the Chicago crowd. All over on the media when people were asked why they were marching, the message was the same: families belong together.

But was this a waste of a good march? While she does not discard the point of the marches and says that they did serve an important function, Gessen also says they obscured the larger…

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