Alt Minds Literary Magazine-Submissions Until 7-14

bright cardiac cardiology care              Alt Minds Literary Magazine is looking for “…fiction and non-fiction/memoir (1,000 to 3,000) of any genre and poetry (no more than 40 lines) that is related to mental health, in theme, subject matter, characterization, whatever “mental health” means to you.”  Unlike many new journals, this is a paying journal with a very narrow audience: writing with themes related to mental health.

Furtheremore, the editor and founder is brave to state she wished to create “…a literary magazine that focuses exclusively on content about mental health and all the idiosyncrasies that come along in living with mental illness.”  That’s brave.

I’ve submitted two poems there; one is about a competency hearing and one is about drives–literal and metaphorical.

I’m still very pleased and surprised to find so many literary journals–seems to be something for everyone.

Thanks for reading!

bright cardiac cardiology care



Thai Cave Rescue Update

cave                      This sure has touched my heart; wishing them all well.  I cannot imagine the courage it takes to do this type of rescue, nor the courage the boys need to survive.  More rains are coming, and the need to rescue the boys and their coach is urgent.

Being very claustrophobic and not liking the dark? I am imagining how difficult this would all be.

This is NOT the cave the boys are trapped in; it’s a photo used within the creative common license.  The actual cave is dark.

Live updates here: Thai Cave Rescue Updates