6 wordle    Shameless self promotion.(But the rejections have been many recently, so bear with me! Writers, you get it!)

I am pleased to learn that “Stopped,” a poem I recently wrote, will be published by Spillwords Press on July 19, 2018.  As this poem was declined elsewhere, I am glad it has found a home. I enjoyed writing the poem, something rather out of my comfort zone! It was written as a response to a painting as a prompt.

**Note: I found this journal via the “Discover” feature of Submittable.com.

Thanks for reading!

Laura Lee

Taking the Twitter Plunge

twitter     Taking the Twitter plunge. I may regret this; I do not like writing that shouts.  We shall see…

I am usually YEARS late in trying new social media; I realize Twitter is “old” by now.  I much rather prefer well-thought out writing that doesn’t shout or use a bunch of weird code thingies…but some of my favorite literary journals post there.

So I will give it a try.

If interested, follow me: https://twitter.com/LauraLe97942016

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My “My Documents” (or) Documents Folder Disappeared

Website    My “My Documents” (or) Documents folder has disappeared from my computer. Very weird. Luckily I have nearly all of my tens of thousands of documents saved on flash drives, etc. From what I’ve been able to see, this is not unusual. I don’t understand the coding needed to restore.

It was there on my desktop a few days ago, with literally tens of thousands of word documents, pdf’s, and images.

Very strange!

Some ideas using Word Clouds

6 wordle        Sometimes it’s interesting to just write down words I’m thinking about… what a surprise! I am thinking about writing, poetry, reading, teaching, nature.  Hmmm.. I suspect themes.    No surprises, but I do like Word Clouds.  To create your own word cloud, go here: Wordle.

It’s tricky using the program there.  I have found using Internet Explorer is best for using Wordle to create word clouds.

Enjoy, and thank you for reading.