And the “DOCUMENTS” File Just Shows Up?

folders         Somehow my “Documents” folder showed up, along with the 1,000 folders and 27,000 files not in folders! Technology! Have to love it. Have to wonder about it…

I am glad I don’t have to try and find some 50,000 files. Yeah, I am old…I have that many files at least. I love to write!

Has this ever happened to you?


Change of Style

                         I wrote two poems recently in a very different style  from what I usually write. I brought one poem to a writing workshop tonight. Three of my colleagues in class cried. (They said it was a good thing.) It was a poem about the changing seasons and when I got to the line about when summer returns to autumn? I heard sniffling.

I think I’ll play around with the poem a few more times and make it better. Then submit it somewhere.

***Done. Worked a lot on this poem and submitted with the other one.

And what’s with speech to text that it does not recognize POEM? It types it as POME. Isn’t POEM a common word anymore?

Thanks for reading!