I wrote two poems recently in a very different style  from what I usually write. I brought one poem to a writing workshop tonight. Three of my colleagues in class cried. (They said it was a good thing.) It was a poem about the changing seasons and when I got to the line about when summer returns to autumn? I heard sniffling.

I think I’ll play around with the poem a few more times and make it better. Then submit it somewhere.

***Done. Worked a lot on this poem and submitted with the other one.

And what’s with speech to text that it does not recognize POEM? It types it as POME. Isn’t POEM a common word anymore?

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Change of Style

  1. Psha sometimes we GOT to promote ourselves in the beginning cause NO one else will do it for FREE.=P Happy for you Laura can’t wait to read it. I’ve done a lot of poetry slams as a spoken word poet and I have yet to bring anyone to tears. . you just added a sort of ‘goal’ to my list hahaha!

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    1. Thanks. It’s hard for me, having been raised to not bring attention to self, not to do these things… I am now doing! I am too old to WAIT longer to not try. Thanks so much for reading, and good luck to you! Laura Lee


    2. And to be honest, I don’t think it was my poem. I think it was the topic–end of summer. A young writer… was emotional about that and something else, then two others caught the tears.


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