img_1239           People are complicated, and that’s my motto. I decided to take the famous Myers Briggs test again, having last taken it in 2010 when considering a job move.

Over the years, the test has shown me to be a consistent split between ENFP and INFP.  I’m about 50/50 split between intraversion and extraversion, but usually NF for sure.

I’ve taken this and other personality and career tests over the years, and found them helpful and fun.  I’ve been found to be:






Huh? What’s this mean? If you are not familiar with the Myers Briggs, you can find a free version online here in many places, including here:

Remember this is just for fun and to be enlightening.  This is not medical help or psychological help.

Good thing my spouse is a very compatible (and rare!) type for this highly sensitive soul seeking sometimes over the top person that I am.

Teaching is a great career for me–yay!  My gut knew that.  Writing can be a good fit if I’m not too isolated, although I love being alone for long periods of time.

I’m actually a good advocate, mentor, cheerleader for people and causes I believe in.  I’ll fight for those!

What I know I’m not good at, have little interest in being good at?  Anything with details I find boring, anything with machinery or physical stuff in the world.  Run if you see me driving.

Strong Interest Inventory up next. Oh, that was so valuable!

Well enough about me.  Have you taken this test, and did you find it helpful?

Just for fun now, no heaviness.

Thanks for reading!

Laura Lee

5 thoughts on “ENFP OR INFP–That’s Me…Erm–Depends on the Day or Even the Moment.

  1. I did, and I showed up as an INFJ every time. It has some use, but I feel like I already knew all the things the test results reviewed. It was more a fun activity than anything. I suppose it helped me find other INFJs so we can compare our experiences. I am part of a couple groups in Facebook. Plus I like to compare with my friends’ results so we can say “Oh! This is why we are such good friends!”

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